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JADE & ONYX from Surgically Clean Air

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You can pay via Klarna (direct payment, invoice or partial payment) or sign a leasing agreement with Wasa Kredit. 

You will be contacted by a salesperson to find the best solution for you.

InterWorld is a distributor for Surgically Clean Air Inc. 

Say hi to JADE!

Surgically Clean Air

JADE - an advanced air purifier with high capacity and low noise level. Destroys viruses, kills bacteria and cleans pollen.

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Buy or lease

There are options for paying regardless of whether you are a private person or a company/organization. An alternative is to buy via Klarna  where you choose between card payment, invoice or partial payment. The other option is to lease via Wasa Kredit. You then receive a monthly cost for your clean air. 


What users say

"With JADE in my clinics, I can offer my patients a safe environment as it destroys viruses and kills bacteria. It also removes the dentist smell."

Pär-Olov Östman,

Professor Implant Surgery, Dentist

Personal contact 

Fill in the form, and you will be contacted by a salesperson for more information, prices, etc.

Thank you, talk soon!

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