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About InterWorld

Skrivbord med bärbar dator

For a safe and sustainable world.

InterWorld offers services and products to make the world a safer and more sustainable place. Change is fast and the need for knowledge and safer solutions has never been greater. Businesses, states, governments and organizations worldwide are facing challenges in the "new normal" that call for evolved ways of doing business. 


InterWorld helps clients understand their surroundings, build strategies and find solutions to various challenges. We use our creativity, expertise and our global network. We also conduct international trade in security products.

InterWorld consists of senior consultants with expertise in areas such as security, business development, business management, sales & marketing, event management, medicine, R&D, trade & compliance management, public affairs, lobbying, crisis management, political science and political leadership.

InterWorld is based in Sweden and has customers all over the world. Neither clients nor consultants are communicated publicly.

Unique combination that produced results

"InterWorld offers something different, an unexpected combination of consultants that helped us solve an international challenge that generated a completely new market for our company."


Global company

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